Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bucs Release Offensive Coordinator

Tampa released offenseive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski this morning. Yeah, he's the guy who was in the news for interviewing for the N.Y. Jets job while he was still a coach at Boston College. Kind of funny how he lost his BC job just for interviewing elsewhere, and now he doesn't have a job at all.
So far, it appears that personality issues might have been the cause for Jagodzinski's release. I'm wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that he's just plain got a weird name.
The Bucs have promoted quarterbacks coach Greg Olson to the job of offensive coordinator. This answers my first question, which was...I wonder if they'll go after Chan Gailey, who was just released by Kansas City.
I just wonder if there will be any hard feelings now within the organization between Olson and head coach Raheem Morris. Morris could have originally promoted Olson to the job of offensive coordinator, after he had spent a few years with that same title in St. Louis. Instead, Morris chose to go with Jagodzinski, and he left Olson at the QB coaching job. Now, it's likely that this promotion for Olson is a move from ouside Morris's reach. Remember, Raheem Morris got the head coaching job without ever even being a coordinator. He was promoted from a position coaching gig.

Things are definitely strange in Tampa these days. This move definitely won't have me changing my last prediction that the Bucs will finish last in the division this year.

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