Friday, August 7, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Defense/Special Teams

Having a solid defense/special teams on your side for fantasy football is crucial. As always, it's very important to find out how your league distributes points for this category. My league gives points for just about any positive thing your defense might accomplish. Also, there is often a certain number of points award for defenses who give up a smaller amount of points. So, for instance, you might not want to start the defense/special teams unit that is going up against a red-hot Tom Brady and Randy Moss. You would want to start the defense/special teams fortunate enough to line up with, let's say, the 49ers. Shutouts are worth a lot of points. You might even want to pick up Arizona's defense for the week that they face Carolina this year. Then again, they might just opt to hand the ball off every down this time...ouch!!!

This is my list for the top Defense/Special Teams this year. I realize that it's a little different from the popular lists floating around online, but I'm okay with that. I compared those lists to the actual number of points scored last year on Yahoo. I mixed all that up with my incredible ability to predict the future. Here it is...

1. Baltimore
2. Pittsburgh
3. Philadelphia
4. Chicago
5. NYGiants
6. Minnesota
7. New England
8. Dallas
9. Tennessee
10. Carolina
11. Miami
12. Arizona
32. Atlanta (The Falcons defense REALLY Sucks!!!)


  1. Detroit 33 = I know there aren't 33 teams, but it might be smarter to not play a defense than play Detroit's!!

  2. That's actually very true. Most leagues penalize a defense for giving up too many points.