Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"What the hell is Brett Favre Doing Here?"

By now, I'm sure you've heard that Brett Favre has signed a two year deal with the Minnesota Vikings. Personally, I never believed him three weeks ago when he said he wasn't coming back, but still, I guess this is newsworthy. What it means to the NFC South is very little, considering the fact that there's now way that the Vikings will compete for a playoff wildcard spot this year, and they only play one team from the division. Sure, they could make the playoffs, but they'll have to win the North to do that. I'd be willing to bet just about anything that the wildcards will come out of the South or the East again this year.
The one team in the division that will face Favre this year is the Panthers. Great news for Carolina fans...they don't play them until late December. That means that Favre will either be banged up and on the bench by then, or he'll be tired and throwing tons of INTs. Still, the Vikings were able to beat the Panthers last year without a solid quarterback even on the roster.
I'll definitely pick Carolina to win this game, I just hope they pick up a veteran defensive tackle before then.
Carolina looked rough at times in their first preseason game on Monday Night Football this week. It looks like Nick Hayden just won't be the guy to fill the hole at defensive tackle. He was getting pushed around like he was some high school player out there. Granted, the Giants have a strong offensive line, but still...that performance was a little ridiculous. I did however really like what I saw from linebacker J Leman. He could turn out to be a solid special-teamer for Carolina.
On another note from that Panthers/Giants game, I really liked what Coach Gruden was able to bring to the broadcast booth. I'm pretty sure someone told him to talk more during the games, because last week he seemed very nervous, while this week he wouldn't shut up. I especially liked when he called DeAngelo Williams the NFL's best running back.
I enjoy the football knowledge he brings to a broadcast, and he just reminds me of how much I couldn't stand listening to Tony Kornheiser. I do enjoy PTI, I just don't want to hear about American Idol while watching Monday Night Football.

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