Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Quarterbacks

Deciding when to take a quarterback is pretty difficult in most leagues. Most fantasy draft tips suggest that picking a running back is the way to go with your first two picks. I actually disagree.
If you can pick up one of the top four quarterbacks this year, I'd definitely go that route before taking a middle-of-the road running back. The reason is because lots of running backs fit into the middle-of-the road category, and if you miss out on one guy, you'll probably be able to get someone fairly comparable in the next round. With the top-end quarterbacks, the points are just too hard to make up if you pass on them. For instance, last year, only five other quarterbacks scored within 100 points of Drew Brees (in my Yahoo league). Also, the fantasy team with the most successful quarterback has won my league, each of the last four years.
Then again, my league gives six points for a passing touchdown. Still, you should consider at least my top four guys earlier than the "expert" lists might suggest.
This is my QB list for 2009. Picking up a backup is necessary, so I'll list 24 (helpful for leagues of 12). As always, my list was made by looking at projections and last year's fantasy totals.

1. Drew Brees
2. Tom Brady
3. Peyton Manning
4. Aaron Rodgers
5. Phillip Rivers
6. Kurt Warner
7. Donovan McNabb
8. Tony Romo
9. Jay Cutler
10. Eli Manning
11. Carson Palmer
12. Matt Cassel
13. Matt Shaub
14. Matt Ryan
15. Jake Delhomme
16. Chad Pennington
17. David Garrard
18. Trent Edwards
19. Ben Roethlisberger
20. Kyle Orton
21. Jason Campbell
22. Matt Hasselbeck
23. Kerry Collins
24. Joe Flacco
Other backups to watch: Brady Quinn, Sage Rosenfels, Matt Stafford)

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  1. I would have thought you'd put Aaron Rodgers higher after your story about meeting him this summer.
    Good list.