Friday, April 24, 2009

Delhomme gets extention

Jake Delhomme has officially signed a five year contract extention with the Carolina Panthers. The deal is worth $42.5 million, with $20 million guaranteed. In all honesty, it seems like a pretty sound deal for Carolina considering Matthew Stafford is likely to sign a six year deal worth $40 million guaranteed...if the Lions take him with their first overall pick.
Many folks in Charlotte might be cringing at this extention, considering it comes after Delhomme's six turnover home playoff loss to the Cardinals a few months ago. Some might even call Delhomme's performance in that game his worst game, including Pee-wee football and even touch games in his backyard with the neighborhood kids. Actually, we'll call it MOST people probably feel that way, as opposed to SOME.
Despite that one bad/horrific game, I'd like to put the Panther fans at ease. Jake has been the starter in Carolina for six seasons.

2003- Went to Super Bowl

2004- Lost Steve Smith, Kris Jenkins and top 2 RBs

2005- Went NFC Championship

2006- Got injured and missed three games. Missed playoffs due to tiebreaker

2007- Delhomme injured resulting in surgery

2008- 12-4 regular season record

115 touchdowns to 76 interceptions

54-33 record as starter

There aren't ten other NFL QBs with numbers like those. Believe me, I get that the taste leftover from that Arizona game might sicken some Panthers fans, but I think Jake will be just fine. He's got a solid offensive line, D.Williams/J.Stewart in the backfield, and some receiver with "incendiary" speed.

At least he gets to play Atlanta twice every season. The Falcons suck!


  1. Anytime you can lock up a 34 year old QB coming off Tommy Johns surgery and the worst playoff performance in history at $40 million - you've got to pull the trigger!

  2. By the way, I have no idea why it said my name was Khris

  3. I'd rather have a $20 mil guaranteed deal with a proven winner than sign a $41 mil guaranteed deal with Stafford who has never played a down.