Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NFC South Draft Recap (Falcons)

In my mind, the Atlanta Falcons will always suck like Mr. Belding (Beldo) at jousting. However, they did have a respectable season last year (11-5 record), and a decent draft this past weekend.
Round: 1 (pick 25) - Peria Jerry - DT - Ole Miss.
Round: 2 (pick 55) - William Moore - Safety - Missouri.
Round: 3 (pick 90) - Chris Owens - CB - San Jose St.
Round: 4 (pick 125) - Lawrence Sidbury - DE - Richmond.
Round: 5 (pick 138) - William Middleton - CB - Furman.
Round: 5 (pick 156) - Garret Reynolds - OT - UNC.
Round: 6 (pick 176) - Spencer Adkins - ILB - Miami.
Round: 7 (pick 210) - Vance Walker - DT - Georgia Tech.

I originally thought the Falcons were giving up too much for Gonzo last week, but now it appears that they may have actually had a plan. In comparison to what the Chiefs gave up for Vrabel and Cassel, the Falcons DID still give up a lot for an older TE...but they won't feel that until next year's draft. They needed defense, and that is just about all they drafted this year.
It truly pains me to admit it, but I believe Atlanta really helped itself in this draft. They added and youth to a spotty defense, and they really helped their chances at competing for another playoff spot this season. They filled the gaps they had, and will probably be at least as good as they were last year. That doesn't mean I'm not seriously rooting for Matt Ryan to slip into a Vince Young type sophomore slump!

I also noticed that there is a name on their UDFA list that makes me want to vomit all over myself. The Atlanta Falcons have signed former MTV kid John-Parker Wilson. As a University of Tennessee graduate, I truly despise this kid as a football player. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all when he's hanging around with his frat buddies...talking about short-shorts and how to flip their hair to the side, and all that...but he played QB for Alabama. I am required by TN state law to pray for his failure in the league. Now that he's a Falcon, that will just come naturally!

John-Parker (why the hell can't he just pick one of those names and go by that??) Wilson joins Matt Ryan, Chris Redman and DJ Shockley on the depth chart. It's likely that Redman and Shockley will compete for one roster spot. John-Parker (ridiculous name) will most likely be given the third-string QB role next season.

Nine other undrafted free agents are receiver Darren Mougey (San Diego State), receiver Aaron Kelly (Clemson), defensive end Maurice Lucas (Colorado), long snapper Robert Shiver (Auburn), offensive lineman Ryan Stanchek (West Virginia), offensive lineman Jose Valdez (Arkansas), linebacker Derek Nicholson (Florida State), punter/kicker Robbie Dehaze (Northern Arizona), and linebacker Brock Christopher (Missouri).

Meanwhile, Michael Vick technically remains on the roster.

Bucs and Panthers Draft recaps are coming very soon.

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