Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gonzalez to Atlanta

TE Tony Gonzalez has been traded to the Atlanta Falcons for a 2nd round pick in the 2010 NFL draft. This marks the first bit of action between former New England colleagues Scott Pioli, the Chiefs’ General Manager, and Thomas Dimitroff, Falcons’ General Manager.
It's very fitting that Gonzalez would go to the Falcons, since I already dislike him. Next to Braylon Edwards, he's got to be the most overrated player on Fantasy Football draft boards. I'm a little bitter because both of those players screwed me last year.
My favorite part about this trade is that Tony Gonzalez had a chance to go to the Falcons last year, but was decidedly against it. Now that the Chiefs are even worse than the Falcons, he's changed his mind.
This reminds me of that chick in middle school who is too good to go out with you when you first ask her. She even goes off to make fun of you to her cheerleader friends for even thinking she'd consider going out with you. THEN, when she figures out that her current boyfriend is the biggest d-bag in school, and nobody else is showing interest...she's suddenly willing calling you back. That has happened to everyone...right???
I believe Atlanta paid too much in this trade. I love how KC gave up a second rounder to NE and they got a starting QB in Cassel, and a decent LB in Vrabel. All Atlanta got for their second rounder is a second round TE.
Sure, Gonzalez is a decent tight end, but what has he got, a couple of years left as an elite guy? With all of the defensive needs the Falcons have right now, shouldn't they have spent a little less on a two-year fix at a position like TE?
Oh, and TG also shares a name with one of the leaders of the Mexican Mafia.
Hey...maybe this will be good news for Brad Cottam (KC tight end and former Vol).

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