Thursday, April 30, 2009

All Men are Created Equal

Strangely enough, this blog was discussed at my weekly Wednesday night church meeting last night. Father Ragan Schriver was our guest speaker, so that at least made the discussion very entertaining...even if it was hard to swallow.

As Father Ragan is the Executive Director of Catholic Charities, he was there to talk about how we can help the underprivileged. As you can imagine, the discussion began with a lesson on how we are all created equal. Despite social distinctions that make all men different, it is important to remember (even when it's difficult) that humanity is commutative. 2+4=4+2. Blah, get the point of the lesson.

This is when it was pointed out that judging others visually is what sometimes leads to hatred. Then, a good friend pointed out, "it's kind of like your I HATE THE FALCONS blog." We laughed, but really started to discuss whether it was okay or not to recognize that the Falcons do suck.

I came away from the meeting understanding that since it is a fact that the Falcons suck, it's more than okay discuss that on my blog. Then again, the fact that I hate the Falcons (and their fans) with the burning passion of a thousand STDs is probably not okay.

I started to remember some of the wishes/prayers I've made in regards to Atlanta players in the past. I'm pretty sure I've hoped for DeAngelo Hall's death on many occasions. I've even been known to lose my voice while screaming at him through my television. As recently as last season, I specifically remember praying for career-ending injuries for John Abraham and Michael Turner.

The good news is that we came up with the theory that it's perfectly fine for me to just tone-down my dreams of misfortune for the Falcons. Like, it's okay to imagine a senario where Matt Ryan gets into an unfortunate fender bender that could ruin his day, and make him late for a game. It's NOT okay for me to pray the rosary in hopes that he would die in a fiery car crash.

It's okay for me to wear a shirt with a Falcons logo on it, and a big X drawn over it. It's NOT okay for me to brutally murder a real falcon, and wear it's carcass as a hat.

Instead of wishing that Roddy White would go to real Hell, I'll now just admit that I think he belongs in Football hell. Big "H" Hell might be a little too intense, but Football hell is definitely a destination I could see Roddy headed towards. I don't really know what Football hell is, but it makes me feel better about myself just to damn someone to an imaginary place that I made up just now.
I think the point is to support "my team", and hope that they play exceptionally well, as opposed to wishing bad things upon the Falcons. Meh!

Make no mistake about it, this blog has not gone soft. I will still gladly share with you the daily facts that prove how badly the Falcons suck. Even if they might somehow not suck on the field, you know that group of thugs will suck somewhere in life. I pledge to always provide that info for you right here. I also pledge to tone-down my hatred for the Atlanta least for the rest of this week!

Just please don't ask me to reconsider my hatred for the University of Alabama. I'm just not that good of a Catholic.

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  1. Take it from a Falcons faithful fan: I can't tell you how good it feels to be hated so much.....FINALLY!!! Hate is so much better than indifference so by all means turn up your hatred another notch or two. We love it.

    Don't you dare stop or tone it down at all and believe me if your team is in the NFC South the feeling pretty much mutual.