Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freeman Really Could Win the Starting Job in Tampa

It looks like Bucs' QB Josh "Tito" Freeman really might play his way into some significant PT this season. Originally, the coaching staff planned to play McCown or Leftwich, and just let Freeman ride the pine. Now, it looks like neither of those two really seem to want the job enough to take it, and Freeman is coming along quicker than expected.
It sounds like the new plan for Freeman might be to give him a shot to compete for the starting job in training camp and the preseason. Not a bad idea. He's going to be the quarterback for the long term anyway. If he's ready to start, go ahead and start him. If he's not, go back to the original plan.
This time a year ago, the Falcons had no idea whether Matt Ryan would open the season as their starter. They saw some promise in offseason workouts, but they really didn't know what they had until training camp. They simply let Ryan compete in camp and he stepped up and won the job, along with a very masculine endorsement deal with Axe Hair Spray.
Tito could end up doing the same thing. I'm going to go predict that McCown will be the starter for at least the first seven games. After their bye week, Freeman just might be taking the snaps.

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