Friday, June 19, 2009

NBA Mock Draft - Fictional Players

Okay, so this has abolutely nothing to do with the NFC South (or even hating on the Falcons, for that matter), but I wanted to do something different today. Since the NBA draft is just a couple of days away, I thought it might be fun to look at how each team might draft...if fictional players were in-play. Here's how it might look.

1. Clippers - Neon (Blue Chips) -Perfect big-man for what they need
2. Grizzlies - Saleh (The Air Up There) - A little raw, but good value there
3. Thunder - Kyle Watson (Above The Rim)
4. Kings - Troy Bolton (High School Musical) Need PG to sell tickets/entertain
5. Wizards - Deshaun Hardell (90210)
6. T.Wolves - The Teen Wolf (Teen Wolf) - STEAL OF THE DRAFT
7. Warriors - Billy Hoyle (White Men Can't Jump)
8. Knicks - Steve Urkel (Family Matters) - Could be the leader this team needs
9. Raptors - Quincy McCall (Love and Basketball)
10. Bucks - Clarence (Semi-Pro)
11. Nets - Zack Morris (SBTB) - Just don't let Belding in the locker room
12. Bobcats - Calvin Cambridge (Like Mike) - Solid pick if he's still got those shoes
13. Pacers - Mark Cooper (Hangin' With Mr. Cooper) - Givin him another try
14. Suns - Ricky Roe (Blue Chips) - Strong PF
15. Pistons - Kenyon Stone (Coach Carter)
16. Bulls - Derek Vineyard (American History X) - Very...uh...passionate!
17. 76ers - John Tucker (John Tucker Must Die)
18. T.Wolves - Jackie Moon (Semi-Pro)
19. Hawks - Air Bud (Air Bud) - Michael Vick is gone now, so this shouldn't be a problem
20. Jazz - Jim Chitwood (Hoosiers) - Heck of a steal this late in the first round
21. Hornets - Sandy Lyle (Along Came Polly) Large mass for inside power
22. Mavs - Monica Wright (Love and Basketball)
23. Kings - Sydney Deane (White Men Can't Jump) - I like his hat
24. Blazers - Jamal Wallace (Finding Forrester)
25. Thunder - Lola Bunny (Space Jame) - As MJ said, "this girl's got skills!"
26. Bulls - Jim Carrol (Basketball Diaries) - Leo!
27. Grizzlies - Chubby (Teen Wolf) - He's got heart
28. T.Wolves - Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) - He ruled that mini-court in high school
29. Lakers - Kenny Tyler (Sixth Man) - He's got a ghost helping him
30. Cavs - Damien Carter (Coach Carter) - Excellent team leader

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