Monday, June 8, 2009

DeAngelo Hall is Still a Loser

NFL players get moved all around from team to team quite often. Still, if someone rubs you wrong while playing for a certain team, you may decide to hold it against that team forever. This can happen in any sport, and on any level. For instance, I grew up supporting N.C. State and pulling against UNC. It was a mild disliking at first, then Eric Montross screwed the Tarheels forever in my eyes. I approached him in an airport (I was a little kid by the way) for an autograph. He snapped at me and stormed off like he was the child. I'll never forget the way he made me feel on that day, and I'll always keep that d-bag on my long list of reasons why I can't stand that entire university.
This brings me to the point of today's blog...DeAngelo Hall is the worst! I know he hasn't played for Atlanta for a few years, but he really is part of why my hatred for the Falcons burns so passionately.
Obviously, I still love to see the news whenever he continues to make an ass of himself. Oh, and I still consider him a Falcon!

Apparently, DeAngelo is now complaining about his ranking on the new Madden game. A few years ago, he was rated as one of the best defensive backs in the league, with an overall 93 rating. Now, he's been dropped down to a 68 overall, and is even saying that he might even try to get his entire likeness pulled from the game entirely. It is believed by most that after learning of his 25 point drop on the game, Hall spent the rest of the day with his bottom lip sticking out like Blue on Forest Gump.
"So i just found out that Madden killed my rating. Its all good after this season i'll be back at the #1 spot haha" (
In a blog published on the Redskins' official site, Matt Tirl interviewed Hall and asked him about the Madden rating. "I heard that, but it had kinda been in one in ear out the other. But as the release date gets closer, I'm starting to get a little bit more paranoid, I'm thinking about trying to get my name and likeness pulled off the game entirely. 'Cause this is bull."
Asked about EA Sports' in-season roster updates, Hall responded:
"They do that as the season goes on, so hopefully if I grab 10 or 12 (interceptions), and get my respect back, my dignity back...we'll see."

I just hope Hall can move up to the starting lineup by October 11th. That is when the Redskins roll into Charlotte to take on the Panthers.
I'd love nothing more than to see Steve Smith continue to get in his head, and embarrass him once again...for old time's sake!
Oh, and just one more thing...IT'S A FREAKING VIDEO GAME!!!

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