Friday, May 29, 2009

Facebook Fight

It has actually been a little while since an Atlanta player has gotten in trouble with the law. I am Jack's complete and utter sense of shock!
It seems that Falcons' offensive tackle Quinn Ojinnaka thought it might be fun to rough up his wife, and even spit in her face a little bit.
Arrested Tuesday night, Ojinnaka, 25, is charged with simple battery. He posted $2,400 bond and was released from jail hours later. Police responded to the domestic dispute call at Ojinnaka's residence about 9 p.m. The 6-foot, 6-inch offensive tackle told police he'd settled down to watch the Cleveland-Orlando NBA playoff game about 8 p.m. when his wife approached him about the online acquaintance. Apparently Quinn had been "poking" a Facebook friend, and his wife wasn't hip. When he ignored her, she unplugged the television to get his attention, and he became angry, the police report says. I'm just surprised that this wife of a Falcons player didn't know the rules.
1. You don't unplug an Atlanta player's TV
2. You don't bring home weed with ANY stems
3. You don't tell him who he can or cannot "poke"
I'm pretty sure that it's understood that if either of these rules are ever broken, simple battery will surely follow. I understand that the Falcons' current QB has a few rules of his own, I'm just not entirely sure what a "reach-around" we'll skip that one.

The couple's accounts of what happened from that point differ. Ojinnaka claims he "grabbed her and put her outside" twice, until she went for a walk. The argument later continued upstairs, where he said his wife tried to stab him with a pen, which prompted him to spit in her face, the report says. Ojinnaka's wife, Ebony, told police her husband threw her on some stairs, then tossed her out of the house twice. She claims he verbally assaulted her and grabbed her by the neck before spitting in her face, the reports says. Quinn Ojinnaka denied putting his hands around his wife's neck. "Neither person had visible injuries or complained of any injuries," an officer wrote. "All medical assistance was refused."
Falcons spokesman Matt Conti said the team is aware of the situation but declined futher comment. "Head Coach Mike Smith has spoken to Quinn," Conti said in a release. "Because this is an ongoing legal matter, the Falcons will have no further comment at this time."
A product of Syracuse University, Ojinnaka played in eight games last season, his third year as a Falcon. He started seven games in 2007.

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