Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beason Talks About Surgery, Peppers, and Meeks

After an outstanding sophomore season in the league, Jon Beason earned a spot on the 2009 NFC Pro Bowl team. Since the end of the season, he's gone through quite a bit in his football world.

He had shoulder surgery to repair an injury he suffered in October of 2008.
He's had to listen to all of the drama surrounding his friend and fellow Pro-Bowler Julius Peppers.
He's even gotten a new defensive coordinator, in Ron Meeks.

As Beason really is one of my favorite Panthers to ever play in Charlotte, I've been checking out his personal blog ( Here's a little bit from his latest entry, where he comments on all he's had going on this offseason. I'm just glad to finally see someone from the inside who's willing to comment on Meeks and Pepp.

"It’s been 13 weeks since my shoulder surgery and I’m coming back fast. I feel good right now, I’m just starting to do a lot of the strength stuff and the shoulder feels great. It won’t be 100 percent for a while but the fact that I can lift now and start getting my strength back is a key. Until now all I could do was legs and abs, but now I can start to get aggressive in the weight room.
Our new defensive coordinator is Ron Meeks. I really like his system, its a fast aggressive system. He wants guys who will chase the football and that’s my style, so we’re on the same page. We had an immediate connection.
We also brought in some help from the draft, guys who will hit, extremely athletic and fast guys.
So I feel good about what I’ve seen so far.
Everybody is still asking about JP, and at this point I’m pretty sure he’ll be a Carolina Panther this year. I don’t know more than anybody else does but free agency has pretty much run its course this season.
He said if he’s back he’ll be ready to go and that’s definitely good news for us and from a fan standpoint. Some fans have been rough on him but hopefully he can just push through it and stay focused. Its tough for fans to understand the business part of football and how things work. You have to play long enough to earn the luxury of free agency and he should have the opportunity to move on if he wants to. He’s a hometown guy who went to North Carolina and was drafted by the Panthers and he’s had a good run here. I think with 99.5% of the players it would be about money, but JP is a special guy, very genuine, and I truly believe that for him its not about the money.
I look forward to having him back. We were right there last year close to the Super Bowl, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be right there this season too."

Again, this is a quote directly from Jon Beason's personal blog.

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