Thursday, May 7, 2009

Matt Ryan/Carson Daly Bromance

Many NFL QBs choose to endorse various products they enjoy. Peyton Manning appears in Gatorade commercials with other sports stars. Brett Favre tosses a football around with friends in Levi spots. Jake Delhomme even pitches Bojangles restaurants in regional TV ads. Matt Ryan has chosen a diferent sort of product to support. He is now pushing Axe Hair products.
I'm not entirely sure what Axe Hair is, but if it's anything like the Axe Body Spray...I'd say this is very fitting. In case you're not familiar, Axe Body Spray is that stuff that 14-17 year old boys use before realizing that it isn't cool to be a metrosexual. Now, the Falcons QB has decided to offer confessionals in an attempt to help Axe sell their new metro hair product.

On the media circuit for Ryan to pitch his Axe Hair junk (and perhaps talk a little football), he visited Carson Daly's show. FYI, there is no reason to feel bad for not knowing that Daly wasn't still on Total Request Live on MTV. Very few people have watched MTV, or his new show on NBC for that matter, in a long time.
While on Daly's late night talk show (right around the time of the Super Bowl), a new bromance was revealed. Carson Daly tried desperately to talk about football (and act straight) for a short period of the interview. That's when his true character came to speak.
Daly brought up the topic of Axe Hair junk, and couldn't get out of the interview without hitting on Ryan. He said, "This may be a bit of a gay moment, but your hair looks beautiful." To which Ryan responded, "Likewise!" They both painted on a Kool-Aid smile, and began touching each other. Not in a joking way. They went in for a handshake, and Daly couldn't resist but to put his hands on Ryan's shoulders. Ryan then smiled bigger, and used his second hand to complete the very-touchy handshake.
This is, afterall, the same NFL QB who admittedly loves musicals.

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