Friday, May 15, 2009

Warren Sapp is a Character!

When I think of Warren Sapp, I realize that he really is a lot like a cartoon character. He's goofy, funny-looking, and most what he says is ridiculous. You know what I mean? He's the kind of guy who's never really taken seriously. Still, people always want to see what he'll do next. Kind of like Peter Griffin, Scrappy-Doo, or even Lou Holtz.
Oh yeah, and he likes to dance!

As he has shown before, he loves to talk about past teams and teammates with perfect honesty/creativity. Then again, he also has to be very careful about what he says. He'd hate for his mom to come out and make him publicly apologize to someone (i.e. Keyshawn Johnson). For the record, I thought Sapp was on to something with that one.

Recently, he sat down with to speak "openly" about the Bucs. When asked if he thought they were headed in the right direction, he replied, “I like their offense. They have a championship caliber offense, now they got to get their defense back on that level.”

When asked about how the Bucs could find success with a QB like Luke McCown taking the snaps, he shot back, “Antonio Bryant, Kellen Winslow Jr., Cadillac Williams, Derrick Ward in the backfield. Who just won the Super Bowl? Name one offensive lineman on the Pittsburgh Steelers. It isn’t the names, it’s the cameraderie. Stop being a fan, might want to learn something. I actually went to the facility. I don’t read the newspapers.”

McCown recently stated that the starting job is his to lose. It might be, then again, he might also have to fight to keep his roster spot while he's at it. The Bucs might not want to keep the seven-figure salaries of both McCown and Byron Leftwich. Instead, look for one of them to possibly be traded or cut, and for the depth chart to consist of Freeman, the winner of McCown-Leftwich, and Josh Johnson. I'd bet almost anything that Johnson will be the one to go.

So, with uncertainty at the QB position, and a struggling defense (bad field position) exactly is it that the Bucs are going to have a strong offense this year? I wish them well (when they play Atlanta at least), I just don't see this year's team getting it done. Then again, I also thought the Dolphins were going to suck again in '08 what do I know?!

I love Sapp's creativity and passion for the game. I just hope he doesn't develope a lisp anytime soon. I couldn't handle an NFL version of Dr. Lou.

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