Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Bush Did Seven Gs!"

On the field, the primary goal for the New Orleans Saints offense will be to improve the ground game this offseason. But off the field, stars Reggie Bush and Drew Brees have been having some fun in the air. Reggie Bush enjoyed what he called the "ultimate, most scary ride ever invented" when he got tossed around in a Red Bull Air Race World Championship two-seater earlier this month. Check out the video link below.

Bush signed an endorsement deal with Red Bull earlier this year, but maybe he should have read the fine print. In the video, he recounts having his life flash before his eyes. I seem to remember Reggie Bush puking after being hit in a game against Carolina last season. Somehow, he seemed to keep his lunch down during his flight.
I'm sure he would have rather gotten the Axe Hair endorsement deal, but they had already hired some metro dude.
Brees, meanwhile, went up in an F-15 with the 159th Fighter Wing unit in Belle Chasse last week. Brees, an adrenaline junkie and big-time supporter of the military, has also been up with the Blue Angels a few times, among other aerial endeavors.

I'm pretty sure I would have yacked like Billy Bob on Varsity Blues.

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