Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ron Mexico Goes Home

Former Falcons QB Michael Vick left federal prison earlier this morning and went home to Hampton, Virginia. That's where he’ll serve two months of home confinement and subsequent three years’ probation.
Much has been made of whether Vick can meet the standards of atonement set forth by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who vaguely outlined his criteria for Vick’s reinstatement earlier this week. But more important will be salvaging enough forgiveness from the football-watching public that one of the league’s 31 other teams would consider taking the PR hit that would come from bringing him into camp. That burden of bringing The Dog Killer into the fold is one that even the minor league arena teams aren’t willing to bear.
The truth of the matter is that Michael Vick will never be more than The Dog Killer. No matter what kind of PETA work he puts in, or humane society events he speats at...he'll always be somewhere between Kobe (in Colorado) and O.J. in the minds of sports fans.

Most teams have already expressed a lack of interest in Vick. Then again, it would probably be a dumb move to show interest right now, if it a team actually was considering that PR gem.
He’s still the property of the Falcons (the Falcons suck), though Atlanta does seem anxious to trade him and unable to find any takers, even for a seventh-round pick.
Still, someone will pick him up if Goodell allows him to play. I just wonder which place would be as good of a fit for him as Atlanta was.

According to the "Most Dangerous U.S. Cities" list for 2008, there are a few spots that could make him feel right at he did in Atlanta. These cities are actually ranked above Atlanta...

New Orleans (the Saints have already expressed no interest)
Detroit (Lions have also expressed no interest)
St. Louis (he'd be dead or in prison by Thanksgiving)
Oakland (too obvious)
Cleveland (too much money wrapped up in other QBs)

My prediction - Ron Mexico will be a St. Louis Ram!

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