Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will the Real Dwayne Jarrett Please Stand Up

Just as the '09 season may be a make-or-break year for Robert Meachem, it will probably mean just as much to Dwayne Jarrett. Jarrett was taken by the Panthers in the second round of the '07 NFL Draft. After an amazing season with the USC Trojans, Jarrett entered the league with high expectations. Unfortunately, his first two years were complete flops.
Good news Carolina fans! Pat Kirwan (of NFL.com) thinks Jarrett will have a "Breaston-like jump in '09". That, of course, is referring to the amazing bump Steve Breaston of the Arizona Cardinals made last season. He increased his receptions by 69 from '07-'08...and he's just the #3 guy in Arizona.

Kirwan expects Jarrett to jump from 10 receptions to 50-60 in the '09 season. With Muhsin Muhammad close to retirement, this would be a perfect time for Jarrett to do just that. Moose isn't getting any younger, and Steve Smith always seems to be covered like white-on-rice. A third receiving threat could really help the Panthers new-look offense quite a bit. I know DeAngelo and J.Stew would sure appreciate it.

Only one other NFC South receiver was mentioned in Kirwan's article. That was Atlanta Falcons' receiver Harry Douglas. Kirwan indicates that he expects QB Matt Ryan to use Douglas in the slot like Tom Brady uses Wes Welker.
When asked if he could execute a multiple receiver offense like Tom Brady, Matt Ryan responded, "He's got great hair."

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