Monday, July 13, 2009


The seeding for each division is based on how a QBs team finished last season. I'll break down each division before moving on to the next rounds.

AFC North
--Roethlisberger vs. Quinn - No question. Big Ben looks like Frank Dux in this fastest knockout ever.
--Flacco vs. Palmer - Flacco's a big dude. Plus, he played for the Fighting Blue Hens. He wins.

AFC South
--Collins vs. Garrard - Collins is the comeback kid. No way he's losing unless it's a real fighter.
--Manning vs. Schaub - I'm still disturbed from the time when Peyton took his shirt off on SNL. I say he goes down in this one. Plus, Schaub is used to getting knocked around.

AFC East
--Pennington vs. Edwards - Edwards wins this one.
--Brady vs. Sanchez - Brady may be a pretty-boy softie, but there's no way he's losing to this kid.

AFC West
--Rivers vs. Cassel - Paramedics will be on-hand. Rivers wins quickly.
--Orton vs. Russell - Russell is lazy, but he has the potential to go all-the-way in this tourney.

Next Round matchups:

Roethlisberger vs. Flacco
Collins vs. Schaub
Edwards vs. Brady
Rivers vs. Russell

Coming tomorrow...NFC QBs get in the ring.

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