Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rounds Two & Three - QB FIGHTING TOURNAMENT (UFC meets NFL)

This is the second (and third) round of the QB Fighting Tournament, where we look at who might win a UFC style tournament among NFC QBs. The second round will determine division champions. The third will feature matchups that will set up the overall final four.

AFC North
--Roethlisberger vs. Flacco - Flacco has a chance at doing well for himself. There's just no way he beats Big Ben.

AFC South
--Collins vs. Schaub - Again, Schaub is very used to getting knocked on his can and then getting right back up. I see Collins eventually wearing out and losing in a rope-a-dope style match.

AFC East
--Edwards vs. Brady - "That's my quarterback (tear)!" T.O. has emotionally got the back of Trent Edwards. Close match, but Brady goes down.

AFC West
--Rivers vs. Russell - This is the absolute toughest match to call in the whole tournament. Rivers is crazy, while Russell is lazy. Still, Russell is huge. I've flipped a coin...and the crazy one has it!

NFC North
--Favre vs. Rodgers - Most anticipated bout in the NFC. I believe Rodgers might have more anger held back towards Favre than he lets-on. Favre goes down in an upset!

NFC South
--Delhomme vs. McCown - Delhomme is one of the only athletes to ever come back and succeed after Tommy John surgery. He's tough and cajun. He moves on.

NFC East
--Campbell vs. McNabb - Donovan McNabb eats Campbell for dinner! Campbell's Chunky Soup...that is.

NFC West
--Warner vs. Hill - Are you kidding? No way Warner loses to this joker.

Round Three

--Roethlisberger vs. Schaub - I've got a feeling Matt Schaub will have a few Super Bowl ring implants on his face...Ace Ventura style.
--Edwards vs. Rivers - I'm just hoping Rivers doesn't eat him.
--Rodgers vs. Delhomme - Could be a solid fight. Rodgers is younger, and much quicker. Delhomme goes down.
--McNabb vs. Warner - I'd love to see this one. McNabb wins in a bloody fight where they both end up with cauliflower ear.

--Roethlisberger vs. Rivers
--Rodgers vs. McNabb

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