Wednesday, July 15, 2009

THE FINALS!!! QB Fighting Tournamet (UFC meets NFL)

After some tough battles, I believe this is what the final four would look like in a UFC-style tournament with NFL QBs.

AFC Final:
--Roethlisberger vs. Rivers - Rivers pulled off the greatest defeat of this tournament when he defeated JaMarcus Russell a few rounds ago. Though I do believe he's a crazy man, who could be a solid UFC-style fighter...I just don't see him pulling one out against Big Ben. Roethelisberger is a winner.

NFC Final:
--Rodgers vs. McNabb - In this one, I really see Rodgers giving it his all, and barely falling short to an older, bigger, more determined Donovan McNabb.


--Ben Roethlisberger vs. Donovan McNabb - This would be one heck of a final match. I'd honestly love to see it. I actually might see what I can do to really pull this off. If anyone reading this has any connections...please, make it happen!
Here's how I think it would shake-out...Big Ben wins it all. Whenever McNabb seems to be faced with a tough situation, he likes to gripe and bitch about it. Whenever Roethlisberger faces an injury (or even a freaking motorcycle accident), he just gets right back up, and continues winning.

Tournament Champion: BEN ROETHLISBERGER

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