Monday, July 13, 2009


NFC North
--Favre vs. Culpepper - Good thing these matches don't go 16 rounds, or Favre wouldn't make it. He's tough. He wears Wranglers. Favre wins.
--Cutler vs. Rodgers - I fully expect Cutler to even whine about having to fight.

NFC South
--Delhomme vs. Brees - Delhomme is from Louisiana originally, where they wrestle gators in the bayou. He could destroy mole-face.
--Ryan vs. McCown - Ryan's hair gel will likely be a distraction. McCown beats him like the woman he is.

NFC East
--Manning vs. Campbell - No contest. The Mannings need to stick to Oreo-licking...and well, I guess they are good at football too.
--McNabb vs. Romo - Ha!! McNabb would make him cry.
NFC West
--Warner vs. Bulger - Warner is a fighter...figuratively and literally in this case.
--Hill vs. Hasselbeck - Boring fight! Hill wins just because Hasselbeck can't.

Next round matchups:
Favre vs. Rodgers
Delhomme vs. McCown
Campbell vs. McNabb
Warner vs. Hill

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